The goal of the Silvio O. Conte Center for Oxytocin and Social Cognition is to launch an integrated, coordinated and rigorous research program to discover the neural mechanisms by which oxytocin modulates social cognition.  


Aug 15, 2017: 4:00-6:00 pm, Conte Center Seminar, Yerkes NS Seminar Room: Jordon Hamm, Columbia University 'Two-photon interrogation of cortical circuit pathophysiology in a translational neuropsychiatric framework'

September 28, 2017:  4:30-8:30.  Atlanta Autism Research Symposium and Poster Session.  Co-sponsored by the Conte Center for Oxytocin and Social Cognition and the Atlanta Autism Consortium.  For more information click here:

Past Events

(Mar 2017) Atlanta Science Festival “Hey, you touched my brain” booth

(Feb 2017)  Atlanta Brain Bee

(Oct 2016) Stephen Shea Seminar (CSHL) “Inhibitory circuits for olfaction and audition”

(Sep 2016) Conte-AAC co-sponsored Atlanta Autism Research Symposium.

(Apr 2016) Nii Addy Seminar (Yale) “Mesolimbic dopaminergic and cholinergic mechanisms regulation motivated behavior.


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(May 2017) Dads show gender biases, in both brain responses and behaviors toward toddlers (Emory News)

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(June 2015) The Hard Science of Oxytocin (Nature, News Feature)

(Feb 2015) Young says more research is needed before parents seek oxytocin treatment for their autistic children. (Autism Speaks and Int Bus Times)