Administrative Core

The Conte Center mechanism is structured to ensure that the ‘whole, is significantly greater than the sum of the parts’. The Administrative Core of the Silvio O. Conte Center for Oxytocin and Social Cognition provides the expertise, structure, programs and connections necessary to ensure that this Center is a success.


The primary goal of the Administrative Core is to focus and integrate the distributed research performed by the individual projects comprising the Conte Center.  The Administrative Core streamlines research activities, facilitates intellectual exchange and data sharing, and strengthens and builds relationships with local training and outreach organizations.  In addition, the Administrative Core provides for the organizational, financial, and central informational needs of the overall center.  These functions serve to tie the various laboratories and participants together into a common unit.


Support: The Administrative Core supports the close collaboration between the participants and Projects in this Center, ensuring that: 1) the objectives of the Center are fully aligned with NIMH strategy, 2) clinical discoveries made within the Center will have a significant impact on the preclinical projects, 3) the scientific observations made in the preclinical projects will impact the direction of research in other Projects and that all study results are integrated into ongoing research, and 4) there is a flexible, rapid and appropriate response to emerging data. Specifically, the Administrative core will:


Pilot Funds: The Administrative Core oversees the management of pilot project funds provided by the Emory Neuroscience Initiative.  These funds will be used to support pilot projects on research topics of direct relevance to this Conte Center. In order to support the transition of individuals to research independence, pilot project funds will be set aside for research proposals specifically from postdoctoral fellows.


Research Training: Serving as a pipeline for individuals interested in a research career in a Conte Center research area, the Administrative Core encourages diversity of the workforce, facilitates the transition of individuals to research independence, and promotes community outreach.