Autoradiography Binding Chambers

In order to economize the use of valuable radioligands when performing receptor autoradiography, the Young Lab had originally designed and developed a series of custom binding chambers. These designs have been updated and can be produced using 3D printing technology. 

Currently, two different 3D models have been produced: one binding chamber which is designed for the 25mm x 75mm x 1mm slides (named the “Small Radioligand Binding Chamber”), and the other binding chamber for the larger 50mm x 75mm x 1mm slides (named the “Large Radioligand Binding Chamber”). Both of these designs have been placed online on the site “Thingiverse”, a popular hosting site for 3D designs and models. There, under the account “Young_Lab”, the two designs and their accompanying files are freely available for download. The links below will lead directly to the two designs:

  1. Small Radioligand Binding Chamber:  
  2. Large Radioligand Bindining Chamber:

 Although more specific printing details will be forthcoming, it is suggested that these binding chambers be produced in resin. It was found that resin did not absorb or interfere with the functioning of the radioligands, and that it produced a strong and leak-proof final product. In order to produce the binding chambers, it simply necessary to download the accompanying file with the “.stl” suffix, and then give this file to any 3D printing facility with the capability to print in resin.